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Background Pony #59B6
This show isn’t just a children’s show. MLP is something that should be seen, or at least ignkowleded by everyone. Age doesn’t equal wiser. And gender doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enlightened on the power of friendship, just because the “theme” is girly. For every person or child that grows up watching this series; hopefully you saw this show for what it was. Hopefully you saw the lessons it teaches you. And hopefully you will use them in your everyday life. This show taught lessons like; toxic friendships, hardships in friendships, happiness in friendships, and the love in friendships. I pity those who make fun of the people that watch MLP, because those are the people who don’t truly see what friendship is, and how it effects you…
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Background Pony #7544
Let me correct myself: it was fun, whilst it lasted, wasn’t it everypony? :) I miss this show when it’s gone.
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Background Pony #6A45
It was fun, whilst it landed, wasn’t it everypony? :) I miss this show when it’s gone.
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Background Pony #6A45
I think many people will agree with me on this, My Little Pony is one of those shows that, even if it ends soon or anything, it will never die. There will always be a My Little Pony, even in 2110, I’ll bet, because of its simple formula, dense mythology, good morals, sharp writing and fascinating characters. One thing’s for sure, the Magic of Friendship will continue to sparkle until the sun burns out.

Here’s an analogy that perhaps some people can relate to. Bear in mind, that all of you were alive to witness this show come into existence, and fall deeply and passionately in love with it, and that you had an amazing, dream come true because it helped define the person you became. Then imagine the show ended abruptly and was forgotten into the category of every show in history – without warning. For many people, the only way they could move forward and overcome the depression and despair over the loss would be to put all of those memories into a box and shove it under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind. Then, one day, down the road, you find yourself moving into a new house. You start sorting through various boxes and drawers, and you discover all of those old photos and mementos. And instead of depression, sadness, and anger, you find yourself smiling, just a little bit.

We (fans) are part of MLP’s legacy. We made the show what it was and made it into what it was; we had the opportunity to see it when it was first around. We are an appendage of that history, forever associated with it. I hope that someday, whether it will be when the show ends, or when it will be the 50th anniversary, or 100th anniversary, everyone, who was alive in 2010, will be in a frame of mind where we can look back fondly, and truly appreciate everyone’s support. But I don’t know. Only time will tell. How much time is anyone’s guess. Maybe 1 year. Maybe 5 years. Maybe never. The popularity of the show may be going down slowly, but nothing can change the golden years, and what we shared.

To quote Ronald Reagan, "All in all, not bad, not bad at all".
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Wallet After Summer Sale

I think I know why they picked this (although it may be obvious)
The site itself needs pictures of ponies. They weren’t joking.
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