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Tags locked because people apparently need ten different ways to say this is the first image and five different ways to say things about comments.
artist needed25062 safe1558134 derpy hooves47975 pegasus233390 pony829184 adventure in the comments1241 bag3313 building2061 chair5761 cigar701 derpibooru legacy16 eyes1754 featured image779 female882244 grin32300 gritted teeth10155 hilarious in hindsight3010 image macro35294 it begins227 j. jonah jameson52 letter2873 mail1061 male299791 mare405672 meme78023 muffin6123 necktie6080 paper2948 parody15114 phone5012 ponified37895 sitting53994 smiling210971 smoking3757 song in the comments187 spider-man1730 stallion90665 swinging364


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Background Pony #6D49
2012 was the best year for everything and now in 2020 everything is going down…we need to keep the friendship alive
Artist -

Ad Astra
Poof and huzzah, it's advanced enough from now on. Let's run a test…
Ooh, it was a male, he painted several postcards in the past… Oh, he was from Austria… Aaaand he was a world famous politician too, very interesting. Dangit, technology is not advanced enough to give us his name tho :/