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safe1679518 adagio dazzle12683 applejack167741 aria blaze9604 bon bon16186 cloudchaser3819 coco pommel5875 cup cake4077 derpy hooves49720 discord30474 dj pon-329001 double diamond1661 fancypants1919 firefly1693 flitter2976 fluttershy209881 gilda9489 king sombra13635 lemon hearts2145 limestone pie4892 lyra heartstrings29202 marble pie6411 march gustysnows244 maud pie12321 minuette5755 night glider1357 night light2233 nightmare moon16705 nightmare rarity2951 octavia melody23530 party favor1518 pinkie pie213640 pound cake2519 princess cadance32321 princess celestia93917 princess luna98070 queen chrysalis34320 rainbow blaze526 rainbow dash231007 rarity179407 sapphire joy375 scootaloo50795 shining armor22863 sonata dusk13312 spike77947 spitfire13261 starlight glimmer47880 sugar belle3082 sunset shimmer61859 sweetie belle48505 sweetie drops16186 tantabus480 tom880 trixie66481 twilight sparkle297061 vinyl scratch29001 oc667674 oc:anon11612 oc:celery175 oc:cream heart2294 oc:fluffle puff2862 oc:lavender224 oc:princess maflebottom16 bat pony48324 changeling46132 deer5420 dragon54641 earth pony238780 ghost2587 giraffe862 griffon26492 sea pony1663 velociraptor253 anthro254236 equestria girls196680 idw15032 10000001 absurd resolution65525 adventure in the comments1275 amber leaf9 best pony1317 bueno106 clothes449871 collage1337 cute195779 derpibooru legacy18 doge234 doing loving things337 epic get15 epic wife tossing185 epona513 everypony375 female1338843 filly64926 fusion5057 get363 gif party66 good king sombra559 hatsune miku302 humanized98878 i didn't listen592 index get278 lightsaber891 lyrabon (fusion)198 mare467853 medic1168 meme81234 midnight sparkle2492 milestone794 mosaic116 night guard1809 offspring37980 party in the comments36 pinkamena diane pie18921 ponified40353 queen umbra1116 rule 6326392 s1 luna7199 scar (the lion king)57 shipping196641 socks64842 star wars3137 team fortress 25551 the legend of zelda3555 the lion king519 twilight scepter2026 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122292 wall of tags2917 woona5045 x00000 milestone24


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this is going to give people a seizure when it's dark and the sreen light is all the way up and your zooming in to see all the little pictures
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You can look it through and see if you can find some.

I wasn't super serious with this idea. The issue is how the images are not in a grid, and also overlapping. This makes it harder to keep track.

I was hoping to be able to do this just for fun. But it looks to be too much hassle. I'll throw the towel in, this image has defeated me.
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