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safe1704985 artist:foudubulbe489 big macintosh28244 princess luna99074 alicorn224199 earth pony248218 pony966217 brotherhooves social508 blushing197364 bouquet994 clothes459100 crossdressing9259 cute199566 dress44468 female1361768 flower25610 levitation12101 lunamac270 magic73205 male372199 mare479871 orchard blossom224 shipping200067 stallion108609 straight136267 telekinesis27695


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Look, we all love Orchard Blossom, and I know this sounds crazy, but… come on, I can't be the only one who suspects this "Orchard Blossom" character is really Celestia in disguise! No doubt trying to live the glamorous peasant lifestyle she keeps hearing about. I say, love yourself for who you really are, girl!
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But what kind of threat could an earth pony teacher be to the Equestrian establishment, you ask?
(I'm assuming you ask)
She's going to TEACH… about democracy.

Revolution will sweep the land! Can the power of friendship defy the ponies' demands for legislative representation? Or is this the end of the royal family?! Stay tuned!
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Keith Mowz
Heh, and after Cheerilee got booted out from Ponyville by Luna feeling jealous and emotional as her being competition to winning BigMac, Cheerilee went into hiding to become the new Season 6 villan!
Background Pony #5713
It's one of the only ships that doesn't annoy me. It is actually kinda cute.
Background Pony #C908
I could totally see Luna being the "guy" in their relationship.
Less so Mac actually acting the part of a mare all the time, but hey, whatever makes the Princess happy.