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Couldn't resist vectoring cute Twily from >>1006491. Her legs and tail weren't fully visible in the original screencap, I fixed that.

The whole scene (>>1004485) is packed full of cute Twily…
safe1688231 artist:jp79 derpibooru exclusive27953 twilight sparkle298178 alicorn220960 pony949950 the one where pinkie pie knows821 .svg available8230 adorkable3518 cute197145 dork3787 female1346278 mare471988 simple background387219 solo1051765 svg3578 transparent background199764 twiabetes11601 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122845 vector76129


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Background Pony #26FC
Grumpy Twilight likes to challenge happy Twilight for best Twilight title.

But in the end Twilight is best Twilight :3