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safe (1448394)artist:longmuzzlepony (39)applejack (149698)fluttershy (186327)nightmare moon (15173)pinkie pie (191131)princess celestia (84542)princess luna (88826)rainbow dash (206133)rarity (159548)twilight sparkle (263871)alicorn (168090)earth pony (155092)pegasus (194775)pony (716039)unicorn (211527)angry (20352)animated (85759)blushing (156742)boop (6270)bucktooth (499)cute (152084)cutelestia (2732):d (679)d: (359)exclamation point (2941)female (777422)floppy ears (41945)frown (19875)funny (3239)glare (7657)gritted teeth (9275)grumpy (2093)happy (24397)heart (38509)hoof hold (6107)in a nutshell (71)lunabetes (2653)madorable (401)mane six (26977)mare (346138)moon (19050)moonabetes (188)open mouth (106399)self-boop (334)sillestia (274)silly (6504)simple background (296070)smiling (186804):t (3363)tangible heavenly object (1198)thinking (1425)throwing (428)tongue out (77282)transformation (8325)unamused (11547)wat (17735)white background (73734)youtube link (4348)


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And not the angry kind
@That One Guy
I hear squeaky toys for most things, plus stuff like a tiny dog growl for Luna’s growl, a soft pop sound effect for Luna’s changes, a little ding for Celestia’s "!" and clock ticking for the waiting periods for the moon and for the mane 6 to take effect.

Also 8-bit chain koopa-shell sounds for the mane 6 falling on NMM, for some reason.
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Comments32 comments posted