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The math joke of this episode week and my first upload. :)
safe1573385 coloratura2684 rarity169506 dragon48058 the mane attraction1103 c:1159 clothes408304 cute176925 grin32883 mathematics in the comments23 name317 namesake382 ra12 raised hoof39225 rara1010 rarara348 rarararara25 raribetes4608 sitting54872 smiling214513 squishy cheeks2084 the winged dragon of ra9 yu-gi-oh!912


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Background Pony #5FA9
Background Pony #229E
Hold on! You just broke your own rule.

You said (x a) (x b) = x a+b

so it should mean that (x Ra)(X RaRa) = x Ra + RaRa

to go x RaRaRa you'd have to go (x Ra) RaRa
Background Pony #229E
What? No.
Even when you assumed that Ra = 1 and Rara = 2.
Then in that case Ra + Rara != RaRaRa
because Ra + Rara = 3, while RaRaRa = 2

@Background Pony #AD0D
Even if they are the same variable it go as such and@FancyCat2008, pay attention:

Ra = Ra 1

Rara = Ra 2

So if you know your algebra, you know how this goes.

If you don't know or somehow forgot its (x a) (x b) = x a+b

If you still can't put two and two together, (x Ra)(x Rara) = x Rarara Then take the log X on both sides gives you: (Ra) (Rara) = Rarara.