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I made this about 6 months ago. This is a new version with a higher quality screen capture from "Hearts and Hooves Day."
safe (1077983)ace (265)aloe (1793)angel bunny (6987)apple bloom (35604)applejack (116578)berry punch (4946)berryshine (4944)bon bon (11979)carrot top (4314)chief thunderhooves (206)derpy hooves (40088)diamond tiara (7758)dj pon-3 (22554)fluttershy (145498)frederic horseshoepin (240)gilda (7250)golden harvest (4314)hoity toity (793)lotus blossom (1897)lyra heartstrings (21573)manny roar (145)mayor mare (2234)minuette (4283)octavia melody (17237)opalescence (1583)photo finish (2008)pinkie pie (151740)prince blueblood (2778)quarterback (138)rainbow dash (163334)rarity (123500)royal guard (4826)sapphire shores (815)scootaloo (38725)silver spoon (4967)snails (4101)snips (3078)soarin' (10668)spike (50667)spitfire (9874)steven magnet (468)sweetie drops (11971)trixie (41549)twilight sparkle (202230)twist (2329)vinyl scratch (26714)feeling pinkie keen (464)green isn't your color (484)hearts and hooves day (episode) (538)the best night ever (629)chart (622)clothes (233738)costume (15252)facts (22)female (380793)griffon (13070)hearts and hooves day (1313)long neck (533)manticore (377)mare (153495)pegasus (90473)pony (378992)score (192)shadowbolts (2012)shadowbolts costume (789)
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