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Twilight….stahp….she's too young for you.
safe1616438 screencap210913 rainbow dash224133 twilight sparkle288411 alicorn206226 pony884271 the cutie re-mark3081 animated94196 discovery family logo11540 female1286712 filly61678 filly rainbow dash1129 i am an adult40 i need an adult185 it makes sense in context23 lidded eyes28227 makes just as much sense in context3 mare439746 not creepy255 out of context4232 rainbow dash is best facemaker555 stranger danger121 this will end in jail time378 twilest dashle42 twilight is a foal fiddler366 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118420 younger15982


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So what exactly was the context of this part?

Twilight wanted to coerce rainbow dash into doing her sonic rainboom. And… for some reason tried to…. seduce her? twilight is saying that she saw rainbow dash do it in the future… and winks while biting her lips at a filly…

The ONLY thing to gleem from this scene is that twilight is being kinda creepy.
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Pomegranates :P
It would been nice if they showed a little skit between Dash and Twi at the end of the finale where Dash recalls this awkward experience in her fillyhood.

"It's almost like I've met you way back"
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I do think this was a little intentional, though obviously Twilight wasn't TRYING to flirt with a pre-teen. She just sucks at social interaction.
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> Twilight….stahp….she’s too young for you.

Oh shush, age is just a number…
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Please not another one of these. Forced shipping has got to be one the worst things in a fandom.