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How the hell do I ask her on a date? :?

Dear God, she smells like overripe grapefuit :P


dead source19460 safe1572795 artist:hateful-minds71 aria blaze9200 rainbow dash219036 pegasus238788 pony843757 equestria girls179698 :i1427 ariadash12 awkward910 cloven hooves9028 crack shipping3492 date799 equestria girls ponified4086 female896943 hooves16303 lesbian92088 nervous5014 ponified38297 shipping183669 unshorn fetlocks22133


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Background Pony #2D4A
Aria Blaze: A-are you sure we can be pair?
Rainbow Dash: No. Im not even sure. A-and that's weird why Sonata and Pinkie do to us a date.
My OC: You sure about it? They're looks so embarassed.
Sonata Dusk: Don't be silly Tiger! Aria and Dashie can be perfect pair!
My OC: Fine. What about you Pinkie?
Sonata Dusk: Im afraid they can do something more than just kissing.
My OC: bored Eating ,,Taco Tuesday''?
Pinkie Pie: And using my toys from ,,Funny box''!
Cyran Heart: Uh. Hi girls? I guess.
My OC: C-Cyran Heart? W-what are you doing here?
Cyran Heart: You want really to make Dash and Aria lesbians?
My OC: W-what? Are you crazy?! We just talking about dog. My dog. Pinkie are crazy and she wants to kiss dog in chest!
Pinkie Pie: And toys from my ,,Funny box'' are just toys to dogs! And only to dogs!
Sonata Dusk: And in afternoon we go together to eat ,,Taco Tuesday'' in my favourite bar.
Sonata,My OC and Pinkie: WE WASN'T PERVERT!
Cyran Heart: Alriiight.