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Here come the Mares in Black  
Equestrian Defenders
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Background Pony #DF1B
Director: For reasons of security, my name is changed daily. Today, you may call me… (a scroll appears in front of the director, who reads it and groans) Snortington Fairy Shoes.
(Everypony in the room laughs)
Later on a mission, a magic gemstone used for communication starts to flash and make a beeping sound, and Lyra answers it.
(Head scientist): Lyra, are you still alive?
Lyra: (annoyed) Yes! I’m still alive!
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Monde de merde
As I understand it, you’re basing your theory on those two points:  
  • her cutie mark (the Crystal Heart)  
  • the fact that she gets called “the Crystal Princess” by a crystal pony in “The Crystal Empire - Part 2”.
    The second point especially could make one assume that she was around a thousand years ago, before Sombra took over the Empire (though that’s no conclusive proof).
    As for what’s told in the book, she was found in the woods when she was a baby, so when you say she had no memory, that’s stretching it a bit (how many memories of your time as a baby do you have?)
    So your headcanon is an interesting one, but as I see it, unless it’s confirmed by other means, the most we can say is that Cadance is probably a descendant of the Crystal Empire’s original royal family.
    Also, insulting other people’s intelligence is hardly an efficient way to make them accept your viewpoint.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Refer back to my immense annoyance surrounding the stupidity of some users of this site. ^_^;
So… you’re passing off your own fan fiction as cannon then threatening suicide when people call you out on it?
Whatever it is you’re taking, please stop.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #E8C2
*The Man from U.N.C.L.E
Yes please! I want some Man From UNCLE. I love the old tv series, but I missed the film because it got literally 0 advertising where I am (and I don’t watch tv either) I didn’t find out that it was a thing until it had left cinemas.
@Background Pony #3C9B
Everything after the word “hinted” is “hinted”. If the users of this site continue to display amoeba level intelligence, I will kill myself.
Cite your sources, dude. Your little yarn has elements that I haven’t heard of any ‘hints’ for.
What happened to the Trixie book that was supposed to come out before this?
Give it time. The release schedule for GM Berrows books is a little whacked sometimes.
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Because COLORING!!
One theory about Cadance that I kinda like (though I’m not sure where it originated) is that she was born from one of the shards of Princess Amore’s shattered Crystal body.
Background Pony #2E1E
Nothing other than it being her destiny. There’s nothing to imply she’s a thousand years old. You pulled that out of nowhere.