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safe1752984 artist:lumineko2818 rarity185818 pony1012697 unicorn343284 30 minute art challenge7955 comfort eating184 couch8726 crying44897 cute205987 dialogue68144 drama queen253 eyes closed98344 female1404026 food73114 glowing horn20583 ice cream5207 implied coco pommel18 implied marshmallow coco12 magic75502 makeup22877 mare503267 marshmelodrama847 offscreen character35799 open mouth154879 raribetes5636 running makeup2190 solo1095955 telekinesis28788 whining243


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Background Pony #81F2
At this point, Coco is pondering if it was really was good idea to ditch Suri Polomare to work with Rarity…