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Added 15 scientists, 10 pilots, and 8 engineers to the already existing Twilight (Scientist), Rainbow (Pilot), Applejack (Engineer), Pinkie Pie (Engineer), Derpy (Pilot), Trixie (Engineer), Lyra and Sweetie Drops (Both Scientists… iirc), bringing the total number of ponies up to 41… I think :p

Eh, except Cheerilee wasn't working for some reason. After spending the entire day doing this, I'm a bit tired out to try to fix that, though Xp

This is a mod of Veon's mod: >>1010764

Among the new ponies are Fluttershy, Rarity (Eh. Needs a new mane model badly), Moondancer, Maud Pie and Minuette.

The mod: Download
Source code (Warning, it's really ugly and messy — the files and folders involved, that is) : Download
safe1555437 amethyst star2244 apple bumpkin262 arctic lily14 banana fluff27 blossomforth1337 blue buck21 blue october46 blueberry muffin46 bon bon15479 daring do5980 deep blue21 elbow grease108 electric sky55 fluttershy195771 helia199 high spirits18 junebug331 lemony gem156 lyra heartstrings27496 maud pie11778 minuette5314 moondancer4334 paradise (crystal pony)108 perfect pie105 pinkie pie201370 rainbow dash217213 rarity167902 serena113 silver spanner156 sparkler2094 spitfire12692 sun streak3 sunset bliss9 sunshower raindrops2193 sweetie drops15479 tropical spring25 twilight sparkle279787 twinkleshine1936 vanilla sweets4 anthro225843 earth pony190452 pegasus232431 unicorn257460 3d60918 apple family member2489 bipedal29997 equestrian flag235 flag3348 flagpole31 jade (character)4 kerbal space program60 launch pad5 mod514 passionate (character)1 perfect timing8 pipe (plumbing)122 pipes24 spacesuit870


not provided yet


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Sciencepone of Science!
"Photo shoot? No, you were all called here for the launch."

Louspeakers: "10, 9, 8, 7…"

They're less than 20 yards from the engines… Goodbye, kerbals ponies kerbies.