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safe1597244 artist:invisibleone1189 applejack161009 fluttershy201070 moondancer4486 pinkie pie205658 rainbow dash222135 rarity172185 starlight glimmer45014 sunset shimmer58090 trixie63304 twilight sparkle285652 equestria girls184659 alternate hairstyle25151 barrette387 baubles50 blouse515 blushing179428 clothes418554 counterparts860 equestria girls-ified8707 female1270547 frown21646 glasses55716 hairclip966 hairpin1413 hoodie12572 jacket11121 leather jacket2968 lesbian91043 magical quintet113 mane six30060 moonset26 necktie6427 ponytail16109 poofy shoulders76 shipping185933 shirt21950 sunsetsparkle4119 sweat23704 sweater13306 twidancer293 twilight sparkle gets all the mares98 twilight's counterparts885 twilight's harem36 twistarlight519 twixie4949 twixstar63 twixstarsetdancer6


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32 comments posted
Background Pony #E66F
now if only there could be an official EG MoonDancer in the Equestria Girls series, since we now know Human Starlight Glimmer is official, that would be sweet <3
Background Pony #658A
and the moment Celestia walks into her view, she swiftly abandons them all for Senpai. -K69
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Trixie: Who better to end up with the heroine than a former rival?
Sunset: How about a former enemy, who became a good friend?
Moondancer: (scoff) Childhood friend, here. Get on my level, scrubs.
Starlight: Is-is this how you do this? Am I competing for senpai's affection the right way? Aw, forget it, we can all share Twilight's love equally.
Rainbow: Am I the only one considering becoming Twilight's rival next season?
Twilight: uh, Celestia? Help?

Twilight forgot to turn her swag off.

the thought of pinkie yelling "OH NO twilight for got to turn her swag off" so that and everyone hears it, then proceeding to be embarrassed is hilarious to me.
Background Pony #1890
"Trixie clearly has 'dibs' here! Trixie was her rival all the way back in season 1!"