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Really Hasbro? Even you won’t pay for the font?
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I'm not famous.
I was partially joking. Hasbro, or at least their affiliates given license to use the MLP property to make stuff like merchandise and games, have been known to use Celestia Redux for a font instead of Generation B, probably because it’s free/cheap (made by a fan) and doesn’t cost money like Generation B does.

Just like how affliations of the Walt Disney Company, and/or Disneyland/other parks, use the unofficial Waltograph (Walt Disney’s signature) and Ravenscroft (Haunted Mansion ride) font instead of a font the company created and owns.
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Jesus christ. They knew Hasbro used the font, because Hasbro bought the license to use it for certain things—namely the TV show logo.
Hasbro is being sued because they used the font outside the license, and distributed it randomly—even making it available for download at one point.

This is not hard to understand…
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Large Mare Enthusiast.

So it looks like Font Bros knew about Hasbro s use of the font before hand. This will most likely kill there case .
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In something I plan on writing, original or fanmade, Hershey owns the rights to the words ’chocolate’, ’mutter’ and ’embargo’, the color #FF27A3 and Scootaloo’s accent.
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