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These are fun to draw, and I hope you like it. :)

Coming up next are a couple of comms for Tcherno and Sega.
safe1636379 artist:ncmares709 princess luna96395 alicorn210338 pony901468 ask majesty incarnate97 bedroom eyes55916 clothes434350 female1302408 gradient background11526 hoodie13055 i hate mondays38 levitation11383 lidded eyes28803 looking at you156295 looking back53181 magic69589 mare448297 mug3960 ponytail16700 smiling229518 solo1017834 telekinesis26170


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I still prefer the 'I hate mon days' cup (syntax doesn't let me strike out part of a compound word)
But I suppose she can just keep replacing the post-it to keep having a new joke on there.
unconventional trixie

I am with you on this, Luna. First you wake up like a total slub, then to get yourself actually running you accidentally a pot of coffee, after that you sit on this web site and by the time you decide what do you want to do its 4pm and you are already tired.
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Donne-moi mes memes !
I imagine her being more of a wednesaturday pony.

What? I ship days of the week, it's not like I'm NOT a chronophile.