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safe (1429979)artist:shutterflyeqd (797)apple bloom (43635)applejack (147944)fluttershy (184252)pinkie pie (189141)rainbow dash (204030)rarity (157734)spike (68591)starlight glimmer (38101)twilight sparkle (260668)alicorn (163775)earth pony (148476)pegasus (188277)pony (698732)unicorn (203619)alicornified (3691)bloomicorn (106)blushing (153918)confused (3325)cutie mark (33937)female (760717)filly (50562)mane eight (79)mane seven (4814)mane six (26509)race swap (10888)raised hoof (32107)s5 starlight (971)scrunchy face (6326)show accurate (7754)the cmc's cutie marks (4185)thinking (1377)twilight's castle (2828)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102220)


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Background Pony #5111
@Phantom Rider
Well there IS The Great Alicorn Hunt by Ralph Hayes Jr. where not only is Apple Bloom turned into an Alicorn (1/5th the way through the story so far): but also the Mane Six to become Alicorns because Twilight had modified Starswirls’ Spell to have them all Ascend at the same time:
In another time, another place, an alicorn Princess sent her faithful student a final test— an unfinished spell by the greatest unicorn mage in Equestrian history. After a near-disastrous first effort, the student finally solved the riddle of the spell, completed it, and was transformed (as her mentor had planned) into an alicorn princess.

This is not that time and place.

In this time and place, when Twilight received a certain notebook by a certain Starswirl the Bearded from a certain Princess, she actually had half a clue as to what she was doing the FIRST time…

"From one to another, another to one.

A mark of one’s destiny singled out alone, UNfulfilled;

From all of us together,

To each of us together,

With the marks of our destinies made one,

and one shared by all without end."

The canon version seemed to be more about fulfilling one pony’s destiny…which made it seem like the spell was about exploiting five other ponies to ascend oneself. Starswirl, I suspect, was a jerkass.

A recommended starting point of this story would have to be its prequel Parting Words
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Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
@Background Pony #EB37
Totally legit season 10 spoilers:
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Background Pony #EB37
This is now canon
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(Previously known as palettepony895)

I like that they used this image for an official article xD
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