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suggestive129666 artist:megasweet3164 edit119586 derpy hooves48186 human144392 ableism37 ableist slur3 bikini16402 blatant lies1192 breasts245668 clothes414680 duo50594 female1200021 fisting287 handjob3860 humanized95222 image macro35897 implied fisting23 male329055 meme78998 op is a duck4220 op is trying to start shit2753 op started shit200 retarded81 simple background349106 sling bikini1255 slur272 straight122340 swimsuit25678 text51983 white background87249


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50 comments posted
Background Pony #15DB
Yeah, either you haven't watched "Slice of Life" or you have no idea what "retarded" means.

@Background Pony #9C1A
I'm pointing out to ChuymaruZ how it's wrong to call her a "retard", yet you say I'm among those stereotyping her as retarded? I can tell this exchange is at a dead end.
Background Pony #2AC4
@Background Pony #FCD0
You mean like Goofy? Dimvitted and clumsy so he must be retarded.

Let's face it. The authors of the images don't see Derpy as retarded, and the vast majority of people watching the images don't see her as retarded. People like you stereotype her as a retard, but then pretend you're just calling people out on it and it's everyone else calling her a retard.

PZZZZ, wrong. You a hypocrite.
Background Pony #B9BA
At what point did you stop watching the show? Because you obviously haven't watched "Slice of Life", and arguably not "Simple Ways" or "Rainbow Falls".
Background Pony #B9BA
@Background Pony #9C1A
Clarification: I wasn't calling Derpy a "retard", I was saying a significant portion of the fandom enjoys seeing her portrayed that way. (Or, at least, portrayed as dimwitted and clueless in a way that's commonly interpreted as "retarded".) They just don't like being called out on it.

And I'd say the "Derpy is a retard" meme started with her first appearance, though it gained traction in the wake of Derpygate, with both complainers and defenders characterizing her portrayal that way.
Background Pony #2AC4
So you just butted in to show support to someone basically calling Derpy a retard because you didn't like me telling him off. God what a waste of time. Thank you.