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@Evil Emperor Proteus  
This would be so awesome. Good storytelling and all. An actual moral dilemma with an actual stake. Would be even better if Sunset called out Twilight on the fact that she gambles with not only the lives of her friends but all of Equestria. Making a point of how sparing her was mistake and should have elected to finish her(kill Sunset) after she tried to kill Twilight and her human friends.
Megan McCarty has the tendency to make great characters and then completely failing to realize them to their fullest potential. Larson could probably do some great things if he brought back Sunset into Equestria, fuck even giving her wings would make far more fucking sense then giving them to Twilight
Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
@Background Pony #0A8F  
I can imagine, if Twilight(Pony version) and Sunset had to work together to find ways to defeat an ancient evil, Twilight might be the one who would rather take care of it without directly fighting it by finding a way to banish it to dimensional prison, while Sunset would rather find the one weapon that can kill it and face it directly, removing the problem permanently. Possibly resulting in drama about the nature of morality, the rights of sapient beings(which Sunset would argue in favor of those the evil threatens) and the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.
Bonus points if they’d subtly reference the destructive cycle relationship between Batman and The Joker.(why doesn’t Batman just kill The Joker, etc…)
Background Pony #1EBD
I can actually imagine sunset and twilight with vegeta and goku relationship
Background Pony #4D0B
@Evil Emperor Proteus  
Unfortunately we don’t get to see Sunset develop too much personality-wise because the movies have so many things to cover unlike a regular episode would. Between forcing in Hasbro’s shiny new toys with some ridiculous plot and killing time by focusing on new characters who no one is even going to remember by the time that the next movie rolls around, the writers neglect the franchise’s ace by pushing her aside and cutting her arc simply because it would make things “too complicated”
This is why Sunset shouldn’t be forced to remain an exclusive character: Equestria Girls is never going to allow her to reach her full potential.
Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
Simillar to how Rainbow Dash can be a boorish braggart, and Rarity can be vain and vapid, I don’t see why Sunset Shimmer couldn’t let some of her old self out a little and still be “one of the good guys”. Without a quirk, she’s almost just Twilight II - Feels Inadequate Boogaloo. I’m not bashing Sunset, she’s a great character, but it feels like someone else is wearing Sunset’s skin at times, like, they literally killed the old Sunset Shimmer and someone else is masquerading around in her body. Possibly Twilight Sparkle.
I even think the new dress she wears is a bit too much of a deviation that betrays her true self. The jeans are nice, but the dress doesn’t seem to suit her in my opinion. At least she got to keep her badass jacket, though.