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My Little Pony: Color Spectrum by Rux--Xan. This updated version has Discord in.
dead source20681 safe1615083 artist:xeladuart15 adagio dazzle12224 ahuizotl808 aloe2490 amber waves121 amethyst star2387 amira285 angel bunny9505 annoyed delegate20 apple bloom47507 apple brown betty123 apple cinnamon135 apple split255 applejack162539 archer (character)220 aria blaze9301 auntie applesauce282 babs seed5636 baff84 ballad46 beauty brass463 berry dreams28 berry punch6225 berryshine6217 big daddy mccolt84 big macintosh27084 bittersweet (character)82 bloomberg144 blossomforth1397 blue moon (g4)35 blues936 bon bon15673 boneless419 bons away91 boulder (pet)1244 boysenberry170 braeburn6064 breezette31 bulk biceps3315 button mash3860 caesar310 candy mane261 caramel2376 carrot cake1987 carrot top5222 cayenne318 cerberus (character)183 charity kindheart26 cheerilee9528 cherry berry1951 cherry cola450 cherry fizzy510 cinnamon chai54 cinnamon swirl19 citrus blush156 claude59 clear skies151 cloud kicker1861 cloudchaser3746 cloudy quartz1259 clump205 coco crusoe558 coloratura2774 compass star76 concerto58 cookie crumbles955 cotton cloudy398 crackle353 crafty crate101 crescent pony174 crimson gala26 cup cake3891 daisy2315 danny torrance22 daring do6227 dark moon206 derpy hooves48632 descent152 diamond mint185 diamond tiara9847 dinky hooves4242 discord29476 dizzy twister1007 dj pon-328390 doctor caballeron763 doctor whooves10409 donut joe765 double diamond1600 dusk drift39 eclair créme181 emerald green106 fancypants1820 fashion plate150 featherweight1221 felix10 fiddlesticks465 fido502 filthy rich1103 fine line199 fire streak227 fizzle599 flam2035 flash sentry12155 fleetfoot2012 fleur-de-lis3377 flim2151 flitter2918 florina tart176 flower wishes2184 fluffy clouds65 fluttershy202928 four step27 frazzle rock107 fred flintpone4 frederic horseshoepin275 fruit pack97 fuchsia gems5 gallop j. fry235 garble1686 gilda9246 golden harvest5222 goldengrape609 grampa gruff273 granny smith5127 graphite205 green gem106 green jewel47 greta404 gummy4923 haakim102 half baked apple142 hayseed turnip truck249 helia239 high winds201 hilly hooffield31 holly dash117 hondo flanks495 honey lemon85 honey rays27 hugh jelly232 hummingway43 igneous rock pie837 indigo zap2352 iron will1298 jangles123 jet set433 jonagold133 junebug341 kevin (changeling)147 king sombra13141 lavender fritter56 leadwing88 lemon hearts2009 lemon zest3069 lemony gem162 lickety split277 lightning bolt876 lightning dust4346 lilac links46 lilac sky134 lily1876 lily longsocks379 lily valley1874 limestone pie4742 linky1420 little strongheart785 lord tirek5133 lotus blossom2646 luckette119 lucky clover552 lyra heartstrings28412 lyrica lilac261 ma hooffield58 magnet bolt87 mane moon174 mane-iac1578 marble pie6167 march gustysnows239 marmalade jalapeno popette134 matilda475 maud pie12002 maxie199 mayor mare3125 meadow flower235 meadow song507 merry may744 midnight strike56 minty bubblegum99 minuette5535 misty fly502 mochaccino208 monochrome sunset10 moondancer4569 moonlight raven420 mr. turnip239 ms. harshwhinny2258 neon lights838 night glider1297 night light2101 nightshade417 noi604 north point63 noteworthy936 nurse coldheart192 nurse redheart3384 nurse snowheart150 nurse tenderheart87 oakey doke72 octavia melody22932 olden pony68 opalescence2030 open skies110 orange blossom61 orange swirl1007 orchid dew13 owlowiscious1938 parasol578 parcel post117 parish nandermane173 party favor1453 peachy pie114 peachy pitt42 peachy sweet162 peewee280 perfect pace283 philomena1038 photo finish2534 pinkie pie207409 pinot noir101 pipsqueak2761 pokey pierce1300 ponet344 post haste117 pound cake2429 prim hemline157 prim posy62 prince rutherford717 princess cadance31067 princess celestia91158 princess luna95482 prism glider36 pumpkin cake2169 queen chrysalis33380 rainbow blaze516 rainbow dash223989 rainbow stars218 rainbow swoop112 rainbowshine844 randolph94 rare find208 rarity173737 raven646 record high14 red gala160 rising star838 roid rage338 roseluck4815 rover969 royal ribbon235 royal riff340 ruby splash97 rumble3822 sapphire joy362 sassaflash870 sassy saddles991 scootablue197 scootaloo49635 screw loose541 screwball1420 seabreeze484 serena117 señor huevos57 shady daze361 sheriff silverstar235 shining armor22076 shiraz101 shoeshine1535 silver berry101 silver shill166 silver spanner156 silver spoon6270 silverspeed80 sir colton vines iii609 smarty pants1463 smooze826 snails5166 snips4086 soarin'13488 sonata dusk12887 sour sweet3155 sparkler2237 spectrum116 spike75738 spitfire12919 spoiled rich1032 spot436 spring melody1070 spring step186 sprinkle medley1070 star hunter338 starlight glimmer45598 stellar eclipse166 steven magnet565 stormy flare237 strike73 sugar belle2885 sugarcoat3154 sunburst6155 sunlight spring186 sunny daze119 sunny flare2625 sunset shimmer58886 sunshine petals54 sunshine smiles247 sunshower153 sunshower raindrops2272 svengallop336 sweetie belle47284 sweetie drops15673 symphony143 tank2647 tender brush128 thunderclap53 thunderlane3876 tiberius362 time turner10405 toe-tapper215 tom867 tree hugger2659 trenderhoof837 trixie63975 tropical dream76 tropical storm16 trouble shoes1088 truffle shuffle398 twilight sky111 twilight sparkle288227 twilight velvet3981 twinkleshine2085 twist2783 uncle curio125 upper crust620 vapor trail969 vinyl scratch28393 warm front150 wensley133 white lightning876 whoa nelly236 wild fire889 wind rider222 winona2460 winter lotus128 writing desk181 written script279 zecora8946 zippoorwhill366 oc626729 oc:acousticbrony8 oc:aviators10 oc:blackgryph0n82 oc:eilemonty61 oc:fausticorn1506 oc:fluffle puff2858 oc:ilovekimpossiblealot216 oc:mandopony315 oc:pixelkitties64 oc:prince whateverer51 oc:sharpie fume40 oc:snowdrop1202 oc:spotlight splash107 oc:taralicious123 oc:the living tombstone160 oc:tridashie103 oc:wooden toaster239 alicorn205946 alligator972 breezie2073 buffalo907 bugbear184 cat5730 cerberus264 cockatrice509 cragadile119 crocodile251 diamond dog3246 dog8837 draconequus9869 dragon50893 griffon25096 owl1021 pegasus257094 pony882787 rabbit4724 rapidash403 saddle arabian631 turtle471 unicorn285002 ursa minor585 zebra16262 derpibooru6917 alicorn oc23634 animal3718 apple family member2603 cake family70 carrot cup273 cheerleader2546 clothes425770 cookieflanks178 costume25917 crankilda129 cutie mark crusaders18343 danny trottance19 delivery pony82 discorded1480 eilemonty68 eilexgryph10 equestria girls ponified4090 everyone is here18 everypony369 fancyfleur185 female1285693 flim flam brothers1186 flower trio542 fredtavia78 hat79486 help me im trapped in a tag factory3 hooffield family121 i didn't listen578 john de lancie204 lauren faust1718 librarian143 m.a. larson588 male343629 mane seven6151 mane six30365 mare439242 mccolt family175 meme79589 multiple heads1553 mushroom hat64 nightvelvet374 ponified38980 ponysona2635 quartzrock344 secret agent sweetie drops384 shadowbolts1515 shadowbolts costume1097 shiningcadance2461 shipping188265 shooting star902 sombra eyes3242 spa twins1291 spoilthy82 stallion97759 starry eyes2963 statue2180 straight127782 tara strong1187 three heads566 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118343 upperset72 vertical114 vertical collage9 vinylights205 wall of blue30 wall of ponies1 wall of purple27 wall of tags2650 wingding eyes20165


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Really likes Pear Butter
And hey, Silver-Quill may not be in this image, but he is on the site!

Oh, cool! *looks for follow button*

… Well that's disappointing. *watches artist tag instead*