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safe2115367 artist:sorcerushorserus481 applejack196005 derpy hooves56270 dj pon-332616 fluttershy251818 gilda11057 moondancer5900 pinkie pie249770 rainbow dash272615 scootaloo57782 starlight glimmer58503 sunburst8571 trixie78039 twilight sparkle349513 vinyl scratch32616 earth pony421757 frog955 griffon35652 pegasus470139 pony1476080 unicorn511311 g41381986 :p13722 angry35473 applejack's hat13555 blushing261283 book42108 clothes610572 cowboy hat24431 cute256660 eyes closed133434 female1737032 filly93648 filly starlight glimmer677 floppy ears70151 food97045 glasses84992 glimmerbetes4705 grin59871 gritted teeth18494 hat119248 haycartes' method174 heart71727 ice cream6347 inconvenient twilight28 lesbian114759 male528351 mare701417 monochrome171544 nervous8252 open mouth224674 open smile26122 paper twilight116 plushie30073 rainbow dash plushie144 ship:twixie5348 shipping245655 silly8676 silly pony3447 simple background568055 sitting88164 smiling375823 spread wings88154 stallion183465 starry eyes5237 sweat38359 sweater18771 tea3629 teeth19397 thought bubble4998 tongue out141243 trixie's hat5963 twilight snapple2271 white background151480 wingding eyes37113 wings207314 younger22187


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