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safe1749843 artist:sorcerushorserus477 applejack173229 derpy hooves50760 dj pon-329681 fluttershy217183 gilda9785 moondancer4985 pinkie pie220116 scootaloo51908 starlight glimmer49772 sunburst7005 trixie68712 twilight sparkle306047 vinyl scratch29682 earth pony265699 frog657 griffon27984 pegasus308923 pony1009949 unicorn342045 angry28054 blushing204535 book34487 clothes475733 cute205621 eyes closed97991 female1401308 filly69594 filly starlight glimmer607 floppy ears54474 food72932 glasses64534 glimmerbetes3905 grin40881 heart50002 ice cream5198 inconvenient twilight21 lesbian99251 male387788 mare501889 monochrome152310 nervous5877 open mouth154156 paper twilight95 plushie24730 shipping205612 silly7543 silly pony3037 simple background408941 sitting65551 smiling260711 spread wings57024 stallion115649 starry eyes3521 sweat27618 sweater14909 tea3125 thought bubble3565 twilight snapple2071 twixie5145 white background102451 wingding eyes23437 wings122976 younger17757


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