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Nightsnug Moon’s Weaknesses include:

– Cuddles
– Snuggles
– Snoogles
– Kisses
– Massages
– Pets
– Pampers
– Compliments
– Rubs
– And especially tickling her soft, fluffy lil hooves.
suggestive (112897)artist:caroo (605)nightmare moon (14982)princess luna (87907)armor (18746)blatant lies (1053)bondage (26636)clothes (354991)costume (21616)cushion (440)cute (148113)fetish (29542)happy bondage (519)helmet (8054)hoof tickling (624)hooves (14667)horn ring (4367)horn sleeve (36)implied incest (1264)implied lesbian (2525)implied princest (107)magic suppression (3221)nightsnug moon (5)pillow (12755)roleplaying (467)shipping (164121)socks (49033)strap (44)straps (554)striped socks (16586)tickle fetish (1250)tickling (3662)underhoof (41196)


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Yet One More Idiot

(Previously known as Yet_One_More_Idiot)

World's biggest idiot xD
Aww, little Luna has ticklish hoofsies, I have found the greatest weakness of the Princess of the Night! :D …now I must tease it another way, with lots and lots of hoofrubs. :)
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Background Pony #E6DC
She’s lying, Look at how she is covering her pony tummy

that is her true ticklish weakness :)
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