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safe1587979 artist:limreiart162 applejack160009 derpy hooves48215 discord28970 dj pon-328113 fluttershy199905 lyra heartstrings28083 moondancer4451 octavia melody22638 pinkie pie204554 princess luna94283 rainbow dash221095 rarity171232 scootaloo49094 snails5120 snips4037 spike74511 twilight sparkle284035 vinyl scratch28115 oc610172 oc:granite shuffle1 oc:jumpin' ray bard1 oc:melodia braids1 oc:morning dew32 oc:nebulous2 oc:princess aria6 parasprite1981 pegasus247897 pony859835 fanfic:background pony265 clothes415375 dress40205 fanfic10178 fanfic art13178 female1228386 flower22813 grayscale35242 hoodie12461 juice1215 juice box895 lyre703 mare427642 monochrome143033 summary30 unsung realm13 wall of tags2540


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Honestly, if I had to do a time capsule of pony stories, this would be the first one in the list.

If only to show that you can turn a pastel-colored pony into a bitersweet tragedy worthy of Greek myth.
Background Pony #0C89
"I'm the friend you all have, which you never have. You know me, and don't know me. I love you, I never let you go, I leave myself die so you EXIST…"
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Mustard Seed Faith

Considering the Moondancer episode that aired after Season 3 (when this fanfic ended) is just giving a whole new perspective. And, in this fanfic… No Lyra at Cranky and Matilda's wedding. Not as canon at least.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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Mustard Seed Faith

Painful as it was, I'm thinking that fanfic (and how can I relate, being male…) was like giving birth. I actually said at least once "I want to die like Lyra." Though she isn't specifically said to die in the fanfic, it just more or less ends.
Background Pony #A919
Everyone knows that Lyra is just a happy careless lesbian who lives with Bon Bon.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Libertatem Noctibus
@Background Pony #54D6

Not quite accurate there.

It's a fanfiction called Background Pony that follows the story of Lyra Heartstrings starting on the night that Nightmare Moon returned. On her initial return, Lyra was unlucky enough to be the first pony she seen. Through some, at the time, unknown magic, Lyra was cursed with being basically removed from existence. No one remembers her. No one can remember her even after meeting her. And no one can ever find out about her since anything she writes or does is removed from existence or somehow covered up.

It all starts on the night that Nightmare Moon returns and follows her entire life and what she does.

Very sad story… and these images are representing various moments in that story… at least until the final deciding moment.