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Template by Masem
Ballista's art by Carnifex
Belcher/Prominence's art by Merionminor
and Starlight's vector by Sol-republica.

So yeah, at this point, 6 choices of season 6 who aren't Rarity.
safe1726203 artist:carnifex2326 artist:masem701 artist:merionminor38 artist:sol-r77 edit134117 amber laurel56 ballista134 princess ember6589 prominence246 ruby love77 scarlet heart77 spike79460 starlight glimmer49179 dragon57437 earth pony256246 pony986474 unicorn331958 gauntlet of fire1478 the crystalling2185 amberspike4 ballispike1 bloodstone scepter897 dragon lord ember1077 dragoness8673 emberspike564 eyes closed95527 female1380583 floppy ears53172 male379767 promispike2 scarletspike5 shipping202725 simple background400764 solo1077551 sparlight607 spike gets all the dragons53 spike gets all the mares770 straight138231 teeth10115 vector77287 white background100170


not provided yet


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