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Angel Bunny has gone missing and it’s up to Judy Hopps to figure out why.


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Background Pony #23E3
"Stay back, Fluttershy! He’s gone savage!"
"Oh, um, actually, he’s always like that. I’m sorry."
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Understanding the intricacies of English is, to me, akin to learning history of a specific region. There’s so many details in all parts of it that even the people living there have a hard time understanding it as anyone else.
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Questioning is just asking questions, interrogating is to do it aggressively.
You question a witness, victim, suspect, or anyone involved to get info.
You then interrogate a suspect when you believe they are the culprit and want to get the truth out of them.
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"Judy Hopps questions Fluttershy" – shouldn’t that be "interrogates"? Or is Fluttershy not a witness but a suspect?
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