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Here it is the real deal. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash goes to Disney World Florida. The story/comic is narrated by the Magic Mirror. Now please excuse me for any grammar errors, words out of the speech bubbles, and blurry images. I did the best I could and that is all it matters. The comic goes by 4 strips of 7 boxes top to bottom. In other words read from the top left and work your way down to the bottom right. Now I may get some questions about it so I’ll answer the best I can.

1. Isn’t the Scorer’s Hat gone?
A: Yes it is, but let’s pretend in this comic, it’s still standing.
2. How does Alice know the ponies names?
A: Let’s say the crew told Alice to find the ponies for the Suite prize.
3. In comic 10, how is Pinkie Pie in the air?
A: Pinkie Pie was jumping to touch Rainbow Dash’s left shoulder.
4. In comic 10, did Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash really watched Alice in Wonderland in 50’s Prime Time Café?
A: Yes they did.
5. Did they meet the characters that was not in the comic when they got the invitation?
A: Yes. I didn’t have time to post every single attraction or character meet and greet.
6. What was your favorite comic box?
A: Mime’s is comic 11. I love when Pinkie Pie wraps Rainbow Dash’s neck with her hoof.
7. Can I use this for videos, promotions, etc?
A: Yes you can. When you do, please credit me as "Bioniclefan95".

Also for a bonus, look out for references in the comic. Got any more questions? Post them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. And now my question to you all, what was your favorite comic box/ part?
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Background Pony #1F68
@Alexander Cupo
Sorry, I meant to say was read the top row left to right, then start at the second row left to right and so forth. Think about like a comic strip. If it also helps Alex, the magic mirror are first and last panels of the story.
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Background Pony #07F9
I’m sorry if it is a little small. But my original upload size was too big for the site.
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