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safe (1426943)artist:turkleson (135)discord (26676)starlight glimmer (37920)trixie (55982)twilight sparkle (259991)pony (694664)unicorn (202501)no second prances (1646)dialogue (50539)discord gets all the mares (82)female (758291)hilarious in hindsight (2841)lesbian (81671)male (257308)mare (334213)shipping (164121)simple background (290232)starcord (15)startrix (2182)straight (109252)that was fast (1300)tristarcord (8)trixcord (40)white background (72024)


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Wand of Inferno
A friend /hates/ Discord and Trixie (her most for the fandom’s way they praise her). If I show him this picture, he’ll kill me.
I’m gonna do it, so tata everyone, see ya in the afterlife.
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Dirty Bit
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

That's him, officer
That would be hilarious to see not two, but three former villains palling around. It’s like the Dragon Ball series all over again!
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