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safe1972974 screencap263843 applejack187890 mr. stripes74 pinkie pie238707 plaid stripes267 rarity203264 twilight sparkle333098 alicorn274721 pony1325045 the saddle row review1518 animated113079 bipedal43816 discovery family logo11909 epic maneuver1 female1604786 flying47457 frown28840 glowing12614 grin53073 gritted teeth16629 magic86558 mare619160 slow motion235 smiling331681 spread wings75571 telekinesis34283 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138630 wide eyes18838


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Background Pony #1E09
Alternate version:  
Rarity manages to open the door and Twilight lands right in her face. Impaled by horn. Credits.

Twilight: I probably shouldn’t have milked that slow-mo shot, but at least it gave the audience a chance to catch their breath.
Background Pony #6FA2
I can practically hear that music that play during slow mo scenes on sport movies.