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Carved in the valleys and mountains spawning from Olympus Mons, the Demilitarized Zone between the territories of the Federation and Equestria stretches for miles, every acre the splendor of wealth and power. After the Second Martian Conflict, the brokered peace ordained that such a buffer zone would be in place between the empires, free of outside interference, tariffs, and taxation. Known now as The Strip, this 10-mile wide swath of land plays host to every major private organization and corporate interest in the system, the heart of Mars' rising success and prominence on the solar stage. Agents of both powers are not allowed to set foot here unless invited, but that of course doesn't stop the espionage brewing just underneath the shimmering windows and bustling railways…
safe1749835 artist:willhemtier41 oc711577 oc only465248 oc:dusk rhine345 oc:platinum decree152 oc:tendaji3 oc:trance8 oc:wolf longsight13 bat pony52141 earth pony265700 pegasus308922 pony1009943 unicorn342041 zebra18356 building2627 car6221 city4393 clothes475727 cowboy hat17139 future550 glasses64533 hat90277 limousine99 mars124 pda21 railway track13 scenery8226 scenery porn867 spaceship850 stars above10 street767 streetlight329 suit6130 traffic18 traffic light48


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Speaking of corporate interest, I remember a company that had a complex near one of the Martian poles.

Last I heard, it was under demonic assault, and some guy in power armor was parkouring all over the wreckage.
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It's future tech married with magic, trains can probably stop and start a lot more efficiently than they can in real life, so I doubt the pedestrians have anything to worry about so long as they're not on the tracks when warnings are going off. That being said, the artist has some creative license on where the trains are located. In my imagining of The Strip they're not in the center like that, but suspended on bridges looping around the perimeter to clear the way for traffic. Still, that's how the artist chose to draw it, and it still looks cool, so I'm willing to overlook that for such quality.

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What's with all the silly ponies standing and walking on the railway that are about to be maimed?