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safe1899705 artist:heilos59 discord33904 tree of harmony758 twilight sparkle324608 oc798655 oc:harmony (heilos)90 alicorn260754 classical unicorn4603 draconequus15738 pony1247234 cloven hooves11909 female1536624 flower30756 flower in hair9473 flower in tail182 leonine tail10593 male435217 mare578160 ponified45005 simple background472504 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134691 unshorn fetlocks33260 white background120932


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Background Pony #84CB
Interesting Character…  
She’s a precursor of actual equestrian?Maybe in prehistoric Equestria (100000 years and more before),unicorns where rare and extremely powerful,and lived in a Elf-like society,isolated from the other tribes.  
She’s been transformed in the tree of Harmony to keep the order in the Everfree?  
Also i ship her and Discord :D

“Well, you did turn me into stone… twice”
“Oh, so you didn´t enjoy being an inanimate object for thousands of years? I can´t imagine what that must have been like”
“At least I have far better taste for decoration. Twilight’s castle, really?”
“It made more sense when I was still a Tree!”
“… Even I call bullshit on that”
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Broken Ball of 💽TM21
We need more stuff with this character.
The concept is amazing, the design is perfect, but I’d like something more than poses galore.
No matter how nice the poses look.
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“Come on, you two. It’s not going to get any better until you talk about it.”
“… So, uh, about that time I tried to choke you to death with thorn-covered vines…”
“Not like that.”