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safe1972962 artist:discorded383 coloratura3315 saffron masala1791 earth pony362176 pony1324970 unicorn447131 spice up your life1112 bracelet12771 canterlot6481 clothes559846 confused5812 countess coloratura1051 cute236573 ear piercing35684 earring27305 female1604747 fluffy16928 frown28840 grin53073 hoof hold10894 hoofsies84 indian111 jewelry91402 looking at you217404 looking up20702 mare619117 piercing53570 pouting2235 raised hoof59949 smiling331677 squee2062 the tasty treat242 underhoof61828 unshorn fetlocks36389 veil1083 wide eyes18838 wink29654


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Yeah, but I always took the veil to be symbolic.  
AJ even called her out on ‘hiding behind a veil’  
Going back to ‘Spectacle’-style music is fine, I liked the number myself, but she shouldn’t go back to hiding her face and acting like some character.
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Well, she’s not going to abandon her previous style entirely. Lady Gaga, on whom the character is based, is known for performing the kind of acoustic versions of her highly-processed hits that Rara played in the show. Balance is always good.