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A little gift to Derpi. Love ya~
safe1552221 artist:tjpones3089 derpibooru exclusive23742 oc592022 oc only403453 fish2144 merpony1701 pony824343 derpibooru6770 chest fluff31393 colored17327 computer5474 cute173119 ear piercing20770 fangs21480 female876825 gills162 hair ornament213 laptop computer1995 lineart18665 looking at you140066 mare403031 maybe salmon59 meta15876 monochrome146032 on the internet nobody knows you're a dog13 op is a fish2 piercing33703 scales842 seashell373 smiling209103 solo957174 traditional art107508 wat18472 water11005 wet6874


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Background Pony #90CF
To be fair, according to popular Japanese culture, Anything will get you a boyfriend/girlfriend. Although I do recall Japan competing with the US for highest rate of young single virgin men….
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That's him, officer

Trust me when I say that guy perpetuates the stereotype you're thinking of right now |D

Let's not detract from the image above further, yes? XD
Background Pony #CB10
I wish I could upvote this.
The mental image of a colony of bees in a human suit trying to use a computer, and then flipping their lid('s?) when someon says something wrong just brought tears to my eyes and asphyxiation to my lungs.
And I thought of the flailing tubeman bit from family guy playing in the background.