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Is that a harp or a lyre?

Also, did Rarity teleport that band in place of the previous performers, or did she completely alter their memories and identities, or…?

I mean, the episode did end with Twilight talking about cleaning up "dark magic", so…
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8 comments posted
Sasuke Uchiha

There just some reasons why fillies in My Little Pony don't grow into grown-up mares for Season 4 like the way Konohamaru Sarutobi became a grown-up version of himself in Naruto Shippuden.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Watcher of the Watchmen
Well Pinkie, now that you know what it's like, maybe you'll think twice about forcing theme-inappropriate additions into someone else's party.
Background Pony #9767
Love this part. It's one of the few times where Pinkie Pie is just completely lost as to what's going on.