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Pinkie is having mixed emotions because on one hoof her gfs are super cute but on the other hoof she wants a kiss too

this is kinda old but here have the OT3
safe1574071 artist:catitty46 pinkie pie203081 rainbow dash219221 twilight sparkle282492 alicorn194998 pony844706 blushing175611 female898056 lesbian92154 mare414935 ot3441 pinkiedash3233 polyamory6142 shipping183824 simple background345172 twidash4984 twidashpie35 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115105 twinkie1710 white background86987


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I'm assuming that poly is for polyamory

"Poly" by itself might be anything, including Twilight's favorite book on Political Science that she's reading.

But "Poly!" with an exclamation mark? Yes, that pretty much has only one meaning in the universe that I come from, and that's "Love". ♡