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safe1690554 artist:melspyrose123 bray47 grogar (g1)249 king sombra13736 lord tirek5226 nightmare moon16786 queen chrysalis34501 starlight glimmer48186 trixie66921 alicorn221466 bat pony49018 bat pony alicorn2017 centaur3333 changeling46743 changeling queen16030 donkey1836 pony952131 sheep1489 unicorn316493 g114500 antagonist1593 bat wings9086 bedroom eyes58640 cloven hooves9994 frown22606 glow4306 grin37698 looking at you165699 male367381 open mouth142526 race swap14104 raised eyebrow6522 raised hoof44885 ram649 smiling243744 smirk12304 sombracorn54 villains of equestria68


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