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Skyline19 incident. More at scamline19.tumblr.com (http://scamline19.tumblr.com/post/143375818350/wasnt-expecting-that)


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Background Pony #EEDE
This looks great! How come Aka doesn't draw ponies more? This is his/her only picture.
I would be interested to know how Aka learnt how to draw ponies.
Background Pony #DC6A
ponykillerx makes an awesome art stuff, and helps people to get what they want. He drew oc for free, special for guy, who get crappy version. Skyline19 still draw scam and crappy art, and waste received money to sh*t (like Core Membership, or game for PS), instead of food for surviving (he said so). So, don't believe him anymore, if you still.