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safe1572858 applejack158586 big macintosh26835 caramel2353 cheese sandwich3608 discord28652 fancypants1770 flam2015 flash sentry12082 flim2136 fluttershy197438 frederic horseshoepin279 gizmo174 lucky clover508 party favor1426 pinkie pie202940 pokey pierce1279 prince blueblood3833 rainbow dash219044 rarity169445 shining armor21729 thunderlane3816 trenderhoof826 trouble shoes1050 twilight sparkle282294 pony843833 appledash5347 applejack gets all the stallions25 brad384 cheesepie1164 cloverity1 discoshy2500 female897042 flamjack12 flashlight2560 flim flam brothers1180 flimjack125 flutterdash4316 fluttermac2646 fluttershy gets all the stallions122 fredpie2 infidelity5328 lesbian92094 male304763 mane six29410 mare414474 partypie74 pinkie pie gets all the stallions41 pinkiedash3230 pokeypie274 rainbow dash gets all the mares76 rariarmor48 rariblood151 raridash1838 rariguard7 rarilane160 rarimel5 raripants271 raritoity11 rarity gets all the stallions44 rarizmo2 shipping183682 shipping list4 straight121466 trenderity62 trenderjack106 troublejack62 twidash4982 twilight sparkle gets all the stallions46 twimac429


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Background Pony #4EBA
@Background Pony #2E7F
Comics aren't cannon.

There is no real ship tease of Soarin and Dash. There was more "tease" of Dash and Quibble and that even wasn't even real serious thing.
You're taking this too seriously.
Background Pony #ADC2
@Background Pony #2E7F
Only delusional shippers see the toy sets as a confirmation of their ships, they literally mean nothing in the end. Bet hasbro don't even care about fandom ships.
Background Pony #8016
Well Hasbro started to make toy first male sets where Discord is paired with Fs, Dash with Soarin and Pinkie with Cheesee so it's something. Give it ot take 2 seasons and we should get clear, fleshed out pairs for all mane6.
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Tbh, if you take Rainbow Dash's shipping chart, copy and paste it 6 times and change who the pony in front is, you have my personal shipping chart.

Every of these charts is a personal bias. Fluttershy doesn't really interact with any boy beside Discord so BM shoudn't be here. On the other hand is someone ship Yuri then Rainbow Dash should be there instead. But in the case of romantic attraction this chart should be empty as nieghter of them is canon. Not even FlashLight.
Background Pony #F534
Looks like someone just wants to ignore Soarindash, Thunderdash, Zephyrdash, Quibbledash, RainbowMac, you know, if we are really trying to count pinkie/orchestra pony.

Actually, AJ beats out for most lesbian ships.

I prefer RD lesbian ships though
Background Pony #01AD
What about the colt that stared at Fluttershy longingly while she was singing "At The Gala"