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"If I had a friend…maybe the love we shared could sustain me."

i saw today's episode guys and i liked it a loooootttt

thorax the changeling is just such a sweet lil goober

they just want wuv, not their fault they're a huge predatory insectoid pony monster thing
(psst i personally don't think changelings, being shapeshifting insect drone things, are that concerned about gender, so i view thorax as nonbinary, not necessarily male, even if they have a masculine-ish voice. Just my personal interpretation. If you choose to see Thorax as male, that's fine too, just don't argue about it in the comments section)

so the show kinda confirmed that changelings hatch from eggs and the changelings we've seen are possibly all chrysalis's own offspring, how interesting

did i mention i'm thorax/spike trash cuz i definitely am
spike would have so much to teach his friend about ponies and culture and friendship and comic books and not hissing at strangers, and of course, affection that doesn't involve biting somepony's face off or leeching love from their bodies. I like the idea of them, two exotic "monsters", living alongside ponies and changing public perception about their species

i like this ship a loooootttt
spike doesn't have wings because i think i prefer his adult body just being wingless. This ship isn't canon in the pandoraverse (Yet. To be honest, I'm considering retconning spike/scootaloo (and jasper) out of the pandoraverse in favor of spike/thorax)

no promises yet tho, i'll wait and see~

for now just have some loving interspecies nose boops
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Along with FlutterSpike, I love this ship with a passion. It's so adorable!
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