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safe (1413497)artist:hioshiru (884)nightmare moon (14862)alicorn (159943)angry (19669)butt crown (2)crown (10384)cute (145453)female (746908)fluffy (11369)glare (7493)jewelry (37933)looking at you (118459)looking back (41083)mare (327810)messy mane (5746)missing accessory (6554)moonabetes (166)nose wrinkle (2602)plot (64210)pony (678056)puffy cheeks (3109)raised hoof (31541)regalia (11809)scrunchy face (6263)show accurate (7640)snorting (439)solo (866984):t (3262)


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"Big Crown Thingy" refers to the element of magic in the form of a crown.

That’s Celestia’s crown, not the element of magic.
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