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Nightmare dresshorse and regular dresshorse sharing some quality time in the dreamscape.
suggestive (115708)artist:conscious-aberration (22)nightmare rarity (2660)rarity (159567)pony (716140)bed (31825)blushing (156779)duality (3603)eyeshadow (10778)female (777707)floppy ears (41945)glowing horn (13918)heart eyes (11950)jewelry (40396)lesbian (83431)lip bite (9365)looking at each other (13012)makeup (14475)necklace (12588)on back (20247)pillow (13061)rarecest (25)selfcest (2450)self ponidox (6354)shipping (167185)tiara (2426)wingding eyes (16397)


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
You know, my internal sense of psychology is telling me this is a manifestation of Rarities narcissism.
Or she is simply embracing evil.
One or the other.
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