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safe2153066 screencap293570 applejack198693 arista220 clypeus224 cornicle253 discord37242 fluttershy255941 frenulum (g4)217 lokiax166 pinkie pie253494 princess cadance39512 princess celestia111770 princess flurry heart9446 princess luna116235 rainbow dash277151 rarity215736 shining armor27668 soupling186 spike91734 starlight glimmer59324 thorax5431 trixie78929 twilight sparkle354503 alicorn309788 changedling11312 changeling65048 draconequus19988 dragon84134 earth pony437365 pegasus487419 pony1580992 unicorn528129 g42006137 to where and back again3065 baby16384 baby pony9258 changeling king459 changeling slime848 cocoon816 ethereal mane13140 female1779741 filly96125 foal42787 king thorax3715 male542501 mane six37300 mare727421 smiling389331 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147936


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Background Pony #7930
@Background Pony #22C3  
Not the same, bedroom eyes or eyes cought in the middle of blinking never counted as ship tease in this cartoon since they happen every time in every episode and even between family members. Giving Discord that hand gesture is more intentional.
Background Pony #3804
I think these two would make a good couple, with them both being shy and all. I hope Discord approves.
Background Pony #5435
Color scheme of green and blue ones looks more or less passable, but yellow and chartreuse yellow look outright garish (including Thorax).
Background Pony #C840
@Keith Mowz  
Regular Unicorns did it before the Two Sisters showed up.
With the massive amounts of love the changelings were taking from the entire kingdom, they would have had more than enough power to do the old-fashioned sun/moon spells.
Background Pony #CF36
@Keith Mowz  
No one. Sisters just run a scam, moon moved just fine without Luna for 1000 years, sun moved perfectly well on its own too before both were even born :>
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
… so if the princesses were both captured, and only changeling magic can be used from the hive… who was moving the sun and moon while they were abducted? :Ta
Spiritus Arcane
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’m going to ASSUME that the Crystal Empire Royals were all kidnapped and that Cadance and Shining didn’t actually bring their kid into a super-villain fight on purpose…