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safe1919689 artist:uotapo1036 bon bon17618 lyra heartstrings31724 sweetie drops17618 equestria girls228269 adorabon736 adoracreepy682 breasts329447 busty bon bon627 busty lyra heartstrings1072 clothes540374 colored pupils11623 cosplay31039 creepy4913 crossed legs3932 cute228415 duo100686 fall formal194 fall formal princess competition31 female1554929 gun18080 high heels13889 irrational exuberance628 leg focus264 legs10070 lyra doing lyra things93 lyrabetes1540 men in black94 pantyhose3765 pony costume293 role reversal1512 secret agent sweetie drops416 sitting75446 smiling315508 stool1970 sunglasses17768 that human sure does love ponies2 weapon35419


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So ladies, what are your costumes?  
BON-BON: I’m a man in black. I’m trying to educate people about UFO conspiracies.  
LYRA: Costume? I’m just a crazed fursuit enthusiast, and Bon-Bon finally let me indulge in my fantasy in public.
Background Pony #6331
Agent B: Now everyone, pulls out mind wipe device please look into the light. flash