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An animation of >>1013489 by Silfoe.
I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it! I’ve been saving it for posting on the weekend of Nightmare Night!

HD video version here!
safe (1461985)artist:equum_amici (158)artist:silfoe (1521)nightmare moon (15239)princess celestia (85143)alicorn (170876)pony (727204)royal sketchbook (614)absurd file size (508)absurd gif size (183)animated (86384)candy (5343)clothes (367199)costume (22767)distraction (65)doppleganger (32)ethereal mane (5049)female (788862)foal (12742)food (53249)gif (24569)glowing horn (14152)halloween costume (1216)horseshoes (1916)magic (59357)mare (353134)nightmare night (4256)pumpkin bucket (461)sneaking (245)telekinesis (21629)trick or treat (339)


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3 comments posted
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Equum Amici
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@Background Pony #64ED
The original gif file actually is that big. The gif format is awful :p
The website shows you a version that is converted to webM or mp4 video. I’d love to be able to publish in those formats!
I try to get the gifs as small as I can without ruining their quality.
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Background Pony #6417
Why is the downloadable file so big? Whenever I get it from the website it isnt anywhere close to that.
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