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Higher-res version of >>73565 (merged)
I can’t tell if this ship would make sense or not.
suggestive170675 artist:maroxxiii11 discord34533 draconequus16551 apple of discord53 covering4564 crack shipping3973 crossover68416 crossover shipping3643 eris (goddess)7 male451803 meme88451 nudity445859 shipping227502 sign4687 simple background492044 straight157599 teasing4537 the grim adventures of billy and mandy210 transparent background243842 trollface488


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☀Welcome Princess Celest
its an apple of kaous of course its a ship that makes sense.  
but i think Discord is only in the relationship for the apple
Artist -
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also to the uploader’s description:  
why not, wasn’t her and Death a canon ship. or at least it said they did date at one point. Besides these two have a lot in common