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This project took me quite a while but I am so very proud of it!
It has all the GoH and con mascots on the poster so sponsors could get them signed!
Thank you again for the opportunity Ciderfest!
safe1753645 artist:sciggles105 angel wings251 big macintosh28862 discord31868 flash sentry13179 princess ember6770 starlight glimmer49859 trouble shoes1176 oc713297 oc:barley tender30 oc:caramel malt34 oc:sappho51 dragon58821 earth pony267152 pegasus310250 pony1013220 unicorn343530 apple tree3235 barmel16 barrel1660 bipedal36257 bipedal leaning1824 bow30049 cider2597 ciderfest19 claws5247 clothes476922 colored hooves6399 cutie mark49864 dragon wings736 dragoness9011 drinking3615 eyes closed98413 fangs26752 female1404532 floppy ears54692 flying39507 full moon3567 grin41138 hair bow16424 hat90595 hooves18280 horn78140 horns6375 jack-o-lantern2349 leaning3737 lidded eyes31870 looking at each other21529 male388933 mare503486 mare in the moon1761 moon24144 mug4422 night27436 night sky1871 open mouth155022 ponyville ciderfest71 prone26400 pumpkin4302 sitting65705 sky15019 smiling261991 spread wings57231 stars16332 tankard292 tree33626 wings123657


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