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It was bound to come up sooner or later. Some thought experimenting.
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@Mr grump
Or reunderstand it – as the CMC are meant to do. CMC and the blankflankerizer herself, Starlight – a potent combo. I so hope the final Friends Forever is them having an adventure together.
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Background Pony #44FB
If there wasn’t a place in Equestria for it, it wouldn’t have appeared on Starlight’s rump.

If she’d had better purpose to her choices, she might have been able to help Troubleshoes.
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Well honestly, I can say both sides are right, with the @ExistenceNull and @Itsthinking debate.
Both have there pros and cons, so go with whatever you prefer. Assassins vs Templars

I personally would side along with the equalists here. Starlight was only in it for a poor revenge plot power, these pones actually believe equality as a way for true harmony and peace. Thats what I thought when it was first introduced in the first episode of the seasons. And yes, Starlight did misuse her position, but these ones seek to do it for the bigger picture with good intentions so they have my support.

Again, all a matter of opinion and perspective, and I am cool with whatever you are cool with.

Praise the glorious sun and moon butt!
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Someone has to wash the dishes. Cutie mark magic hasn’t been entirely explained, but merely being good at something doesn’t mean it will be your destiny, but your destiny is something that you’re good at.
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Honestly doesn’t seem that bad compared to some of the things humans do.
I mean, they want it, and there aren’t any actual side effect outside of having to work for the magic you posses.
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Mr grump
Instead of removing your cutie mark and becoming a talentless, helpless bore, perhaps they should figure out how to reset their cutie mark so they can start again with a clean slate.
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