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safe1552218 artist:lopoddity722 apple bloom46131 applejack157033 big macintosh26623 bulk biceps3195 cheerilee9271 cheese sandwich3565 cinnamon chai55 discord28402 donut joe745 dumbbell599 featherweight1202 fluttershy195514 king sombra12506 lightning dust4169 lord tirek4626 maud pie11766 pinkie pie201132 prince blueblood3778 princess cadance30061 princess celestia88892 princess flurry heart6124 princess luna92989 princess skyla425 queen chrysalis31854 rainbow dash216904 rarity167685 rumble3767 shining armor21518 snails5119 spike73956 starlight glimmer42756 sunset shimmer55959 sweetie belle46227 thorax3940 thunderlane3773 tree hugger2632 trixie60955 twilight sparkle278971 zephyr breeze2060 oc592021 oc:aerostorm83 oc:apple truffle13 oc:artemis119 oc:bruce79 oc:butch3 oc:chakra blossom30 oc:cupcake106 oc:cuppa joe17 oc:ember204 oc:jamboree sandwich21 oc:lucifer23 oc:magnolia may33 oc:midnight abyss27 oc:misty105 oc:moondancer74 oc:pandora297 oc:peachy keen42 oc:peanut butter sandwich20 oc:prima donna14 oc:princess iridescence35 oc:princess lucifer9 oc:rosemary59 oc:zipperflash21 alicorn190369 hippogriff8080 hybrid14686 pony824337 pandoraverse666 alicorn oc21416 bluetrix687 cheerimac779 cheesepie1142 chryslestia257 cinnamon donut6 discolight347 dumbdash142 family tree296 female876819 flutterbulk212 gay24871 interspecies offspring6172 lesbian90779 magical lesbian spawn10262 male298239 mane six28852 mauxie451 next generation5900 offspring33375 parent:apple bloom610 parent:applejack3180 parent:big macintosh2545 parent:bulk biceps362 parent:cheerilee360 parent:cheese sandwich1579 parent:cinnamon chai47 parent:discord2822 parent:donut joe162 parent:dumbbell324 parent:fluttershy3915 parent:lightning dust264 parent:pinkie pie3505 parent:prince blueblood786 parent:princess cadance1374 parent:princess luna1879 parent:rainbow dash4856 parent:rarity3450 parent:rumble250 parent:scootaloo711 parent:shining armor1175 parent:snails190 parent:thorax476 parent:thunderlane515 parent:trixie1664 parent:twilight sparkle7082 parents:bluetrix306 parents:canon x oc1777 parents:cheerimac260 parents:cheesepie1362 parents:chryslestia100 parents:cinnamon donut19 parents:discolight378 parents:dumbdash230 parents:flutterbulk293 parents:oc x oc1186 parents:rarijack334 parents:rumbloo168 parents:shimmerglimmer122 parents:shiningcadance820 parents:snailbloom33 parents:sombrek14 parents:thoraxspike121 parents:thunderdust46 parents:zephyrhugger83 rarijack6533 shimmerglimmer401 shiningcadance2358 shipping180836 shipping chart104 sombrek11 straight119920 thoraxspike180 trans boy193 trans girl557 trans mare48 trans stallion58 transgender1441 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113538 wall of tags2229


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14 comments posted
Artist -

Izuku Midoriya
This has inspired me to make my own little chart for my own ships and "next gen". I love, love, love the way you set this chart up.

Hate clopper scum!
So, thunderdust — doog idea. Cheespie — good. But… Dash x Dumbell — WTF? (dumbdash more worse, than this old styreotype "soarindash")… =/