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Pyrisa was the first to recover of the two, noticing in particular the odd smell of the goop blocking her vision. It was sweet, mellow, and dark… almost like… chocolate. And yet even as she realized what it was and frantically tried to remove it, she found herself frozen in place. Her hind legs couldn’t move, her forelegs were locked in place around Violet (who had just discovered the same thing from the tiny movements she could feel on her own back), and her head was immobile as well. Despite the fact that she was surrounded by a hard, unyielding, and slightly warm shell that kept her frozen completely still, which was essentially any claustrophobic’s nightmare - she couldn’t help blushing as she found that her tongue was stuck in Violet’s mouth, nor could it get comfortable. It just seemed to want to keep moving, dancing with her panicked partner’s own, searching for a respite that would never come.
“Mares and gentlecolts!” she heard dimly through her candied prison from a decidedly more excited voice than the one that had been on the intercom earlier. “The Manoir de Chevalin is proud to present Equestria’s most delectable statue, made with the help of our Guests of Honor: Les Amateurs de Chocolat!”
Rest of the story here (EDIT: dead link, sorry) not anymore

safe2154396 artist:nxzc88271 oc936413 oc only679907 oc:pyrisa miracles105 oc:violet357 chocolate pony80 pegasus487967 pony1582374 unicorn528754 absurd resolution67071 bipedal48689 blushing268932 bondage45964 encasement2400 female1781137 kissing32137 lesbian116492 link in description1131 objectification477 oc x oc23391 shipping251235 statue3191 story in the source2806 story included12637 wide eyes19752


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Sorry guys. Searched all my accounts’ Google Drives, Google Docs, all old cellphones I have to hand (I used to write in the notes app when I first started out, then transfer to GDocs), and even my old DA that I deactivated which I could log into but not access the profile of. It seems gone in all measures.
I dunno what happened. I never intentionally delete any of my stories, so I don’t know how this happened.