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suggestive165146 artist:racoonsan634 pinkie pie233026 human186058 adorasexy11026 blushing227564 breasts324105 cake11000 clothes533223 counter344 cute225512 dessert437 diapinkes11204 dress51275 duo97171 eyes closed113149 female1536418 food82489 frilly dress314 frosting800 happy36241 high heels13653 humanized107170 kitchen2168 kneeling10480 legs10014 lesbian105616 messy mane8737 on back28203 open mouth183580 panties55505 panty shot878 pinkie clone848 self paradox2197 selfcest2929 sexy35375 shipping222487 shoes46306 skirt45932 smiling309214 spread legs23210 spreading23380 sugarcube corner2720 underwear67968 upskirt6469 white underwear3666 wide eyes18345


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Background Pony #7D05
It is for some of us. Patreon is supposed to help keep artists working, so that everyone can enjoy their work. Don’t get defensive; I do think it’s a great idea, but I really don’t like exclusives.
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
I wonder, would you do this with… you? If the other you was of the gender you prefer, of course. The other you would know and understand you perfectly, but of course have everything about you that’s screwed up as well.

Offensive. Please ban.
The question is, which one is the original, and which one is the clone?  
I like to think Pinkie is the top, and she’s molesting her innocent clone.
Background Pony #771A
As someone who has personally seen the alt versions… I actually settle for this for warm and fuzzy feelings.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

If you guys are really desperate to get your warm fuzzies off of the alt versions of theses then obviously you want to see them. Asking, why aren’t they free, is you just begging on your knees for them but sometimes good stuff isn’t free. If you really want them go pay five bucks. you’ll probably spend that much and more during the week alone anyway but then you can go see the alt versions you’re desperate for. The artist doesn’t need to show those to you. And if you’re still pissed, you’re on the internet. Go watch some Pron or Hemtal and get over yourselves.
Background Pony #05BB
This is actually terrifying if you think about it. The pinkie below has an expression of realisation, “she is serious”. No fun, no games, just powerlessness.
Background Pony #5C04
For someone not living in America.  
Yes. It very much is. Especially that there are hundreds of artists that are simply more skilled than him, why would I want to pay him specifically? Because I somehow see no incentive.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Not really worth it
You see how you’re stating an opinion as a fact? That’s not a very good habit to have, especially when talking about things that artists have worked hard on. You’re in no position, nor do you have any right or authority, to determine the value of another artist’s creations. Make your own art yourself, then you can dictate whether it’s “worth it” or not.
paywalling fanart of a copyrighted franchise is an utterly dickhead move
Complaining about not getting art for free and then trying to convince yourself that it’s not worth the paltry sum of $5 to support the artist’s work is an utterly dickhead move. That thing that you said? Yeah, that’s not a dickhead move—that’s called making a living. Both you and @Background Pony #C1EA are the kinds of people that make artists’ lives hell. And don’t even bring the word “copyright” into this if you have no idea how copyright plays into all of this. Fun fact: it doesn’t.
If you really are that anally annihilated over not wanting to pay $5 for what the art is worth, then I suggest that you take @Background Pony #5472’s advice:
maybe the artist will upload it for free after a year or so. 🙂
Wallet After Summer Sale -
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To the people upset about paywalled content: have you ever genuinely considered supporting an artist simply because you enjoy their work? I’m not trying to be facetious here; artists who sell their art for a living need the support to continue producing content regularly. Even minimal support goes a long way if many people contribute here and there. If everyone had the mindset of “I’ll just find the paywalled images leaked somewhere” or “I don’t want to pay an artist to draw something for me”, we wouldn’t have half the content you see online. So many of the images on this website alone were either commissioned, YCH, part of a crowdfunded art pack, etc.
Background Pony #5C04
Not really worth it given the amounts of fanarts around that you can get for free.  
That, and paywalling fanart of a copyrighted franchise is an utterly dickhead move and should not be supported.