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safe1637031 artist:buttersprinkle313 rarity175732 sweetie belle47750 pony902061 unicorn294068 behaving like a cat2042 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us37 chest fluff35353 cuddling8015 cute189286 daaaaaaaaaaaw3407 diasweetes2762 eyes closed85999 female1302956 filly62742 floppy ears48724 hnnng2350 kitty belle42 mare448547 neck nuzzle192 nuzzling3788 raised hoof41967 raribetes5012 raricat210 sisters8124 sitting58889 smiling229652 snuggling6402 weapons-grade cute3486


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Background Pony #F8F5
I thought Pudge was the only artist to draw fuzzy catpones. I'm liking this, though.