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suggestive132868 artist:ambris1347 adagio dazzle12241 rainbow dash224268 rarity173947 sunset shimmer58990 equestria girls187930 blushing182929 breasts254863 brush1757 busty rarity11704 busty sunset shimmer4949 cleavage32302 clothes426879 colored pupils8918 comic103449 commission58860 dress41211 female1287766 frown21852 glare8061 grin34712 implied adagio dazzle45 implied sunsagio40 jewelry55442 lesbian91966 lidded eyes28260 looking back52084 miniskirt4837 necklace16463 one eye closed27160 pointing3778 ponytail16493 sex joke45 shipping188639 simple background362111 sitting57612 skirt37106 sleeveless3644 smiling224982 stool1557 sunsagio652 thighs10029 unamused14671 white background90531 wink22721


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Manly Man

The reason why Sunset lets Adagio pull her hair is because the last time Sunset tried to pull Adagio's hair, it tried to eat her fingers. They spent an entire ninety-minute special on an adventure in Adagio's mop to try and recover the lost digits.


i wont lie, at first glance i also thought it was ponut, but after taking a second look i noticed it was you, and honestly, im totally okay with that too xD i love both of your stuff.
Background Pony #02A7
@Takengrin Endmmar
In addition to the similar circumstances of both understandably making for an easy connection on which to build and grow closer, they make for a pretty cute couple in most interpretations of their respective characters.