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suggestive (115611)artist:ambris (1287)adagio dazzle (11148)rainbow dash (206112)rarity (159527)sunset shimmer (51447)equestria girls (162420)blushing (156715)breasts (209179)brush (1487)busty rarity (9601)busty sunset shimmer (3872)cleavage (27756)clothes (362589)colored pupils (7635)comic (91262)commission (41650)dress (35687)female (777188)frown (19869)glare (7657)grin (28569)implied adagio dazzle (32)implied sunsagio (28)jewelry (40360)lesbian (83330)lidded eyes (19526)looking back (42776)miniskirt (4017)necklace (12578)one eye closed (20958)pointing (3251)ponytail (13486)sex joke (46)shipping (167018)simple background (295985)sitting (46918)skirt (32013)sleeveless (2508)smiling (186754)stool (1302)sunsagio (564)thighs (5031)unamused (11546)white background (73717)wink (19004)


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calmwind32's avatar

i wont lie, at first glance i also thought it was ponut, but after taking a second look i noticed it was you, and honestly, im totally okay with that too xD i love both of your stuff.
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@Takengrin Endmmar
In addition to the similar circumstances of both understandably making for an easy connection on which to build and grow closer, they make for a pretty cute couple in most interpretations of their respective characters.
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Comments44 comments posted